First stage vacation equals wedding and family. ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

15 October 2007

First stage vacation equals wedding and family.

I am alive and in a location with internet access! Of course, Blogger does not seem to want to do pictures at this point in time. That is something for...THE FUTURE!

Vacation. First we went down to LA on a two hour delayed flight, battled traffic, made it to rehearsal brunch ahead of everyone even though the plane had been delayed, socialized copiously, had dinner with relatives, went to schmachelor party i.e. watching television and hanging out with my brothers, slept a lot, lay around waiting until it was time to dress up, and went to the wedding.

Things I ate:

Asparagus frittata, sauvignon blanc, and lots of different kinds of breads at Sage in Newport Beach.

Poached salmon with a horrifying dill sauce made with like two cups of mayonnaise plus chopped dill, roasted onions, beets, and mixed peppers, macaroni and cheese, giant green salad with blue cheese and chicken, and chocolate cheesecake with strawberries and grapes at my aunt Donna's house. I actually did make the roasted vegetables in this case, but they were so simple they're hardly worth talking about. Chop up peppers and zucchini and whatever, toss with olive oil, salt, and pepper, roast in oven. The end. This was in high contrast to the fuss about cooking everything else.

I had some hummus but none of the Chivas at the schmachelor party, which we didn't get to until practically eleven. Stupid driving! On the other hand we were pretty exhausted and broken already.

The next day we went to find lunch and came up with really terrible Mexican food that had practically been dipped in grease before serving. Ugh! I felt kind of sick. Newport Beach is clearly not the home of the cheap corner taqueria so much as the home of the schmancy fish platter overlooking the scenic harbor.

Wedding food: whitefish (no dill sauce; mango salsa instead), green salads, bowtie pasta with prosciutto, baby carrots, and rice pilaf. Lots of red wine, Ravenswood something or other. Toasting champagne in tall skinny glasses with no stems. Cake. It was even a pretty good cake, which is interesting considering wedding cake in general. We ate and drank and danced a lot. The pictures got progressively more blurry as the night went on. Afterward, we walked up the street to our hotel in slippy heels and fancy clothes.

Then the next day we got up and left for LAX by 5 am. This was a good idea, since by 5:30 the 405 was stop and go. CARS! I really like my daily bike commute.


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Brian said...

oh wow.

my wedding food looks terrible!

sadly for the record I think the whitefish was in fact pretty bad.