Raita, toast, and tea ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

02 December 2010

Raita, toast, and tea

A litle over a week ago, we had Indian food with Heather and Joann. We made chickpea tomato curry and palak paneer and brown rice and naan bread and raita. Everything was great, except that I eventually burned my hand, and so ended up taking zero pictures. (It's fine now.)

Joann, who among other things is a pie-making genius, brought a perfect towering apple pie. She left us half of it, which we then ate for several consecutive breakfasts. Would you look at that?

We sent the palak paneer and rice leftovers home with Heather. I ate the chickpea tomato curry leftovers one night when we were feeling lazy and didn't want to make dinner. The only thing left was raita.

Raita is perhaps the easiest thing in the world. Get a persian cucumber and dice it up. Mix it with a roughly equal proportion of plain, full-fat yogurt, or, in our case, labneh. Pepper it. Voila: raita.

I ate the leftovers on toasty bread with a big cup of assam tea. Breakfast at our house is truly awesome.

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