Massive scramble ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

05 July 2011

Massive scramble

scrambled eggs with kaleMassive scramble

yellowy-greeny pepper (or whatever you've got)
salt, pepper

Soften chopped onion and garlic in butter over medium-high heat; add chopped peppers and cook down. Meanwhile, wash, destem, and chop twice as much kale as you think you need. Toss kale into pan, salt lightly, stir, and let cook for another five minutes, or until seriously wilted and tender.

In a separate bowl, beat as many eggs as you want. We used three eggs for two people. Add a little salt, lots of pepper, and sriracha or other hot pepper sauce to taste. When the vegetables are cooked through, turn the heat down to medium and pour the eggs into the pan. Scramble with adequate spatula.

When the eggs are cooked to your liking, shovel them onto a plate. Eat with buttered toast, preferably in spontaneous egg sandwich form. Drink tea. Be full and happy.

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