Steamed cabbage? Really? ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

30 November 2011

Steamed cabbage? Really?

Steamed Cabbage with Butter and Poppy SeedsREALLY.

I like cabbage. I think cabbage is one of the most maligned of all vegetables. It's cheap, healthy, easy to cook, and delicious as long as you don't boil it to high hell. You want vitamin C? Get that cabbage in your mouth.

Right! Several nights ago we were having frozen vareniki with caramelized onions for dinner. Clearly this was not sufficient! No! So I grabbed my copy of Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone, looked through the index, and found Steamed Cabbage with Butter and Poppy Seeds.

I chopped up some green cabbage, steamed it over the vareniki pan, buttered it, and tossed it with a couple handfuls of the poppy seeds I've had sitting in my spice cabinet for the past year.

Steamed Cabbage with Butter and Poppy Seeds with pierogiesGuess what? It was delicious.

Quickly steamed cabbage turns out to be mild, with a texture similar to steamed bok choy. We usually make our cabbage into intense Asian preparations with sriracha sauce, peanut sauce, or sambal oelek; eating it practically bare was, in contrast, soporific and calming. It was the perfect intro for a night of doing nothing, nothing, and more nothing.

leftover cabbage pancakesOf course, in the morning I dropped the leftovers into a plain pancake batter, fried them up, and ate them with pungent labneh and sambal. It's all good.


eatme_delicious said...

I love cabbage too! The steamed version sounds delicious but that pan fried pancake battered one... so sad I can't eat that immediately!

Eileen said...

Yes, I totally love putting cabbage in savory pancakes. You should try it! Super easy, healthy, & cheap besides.

Alyssa said...

I had some steamed cabbage the other day, and if I didn't eat it all I would totally try adding it to pancakes. Such a great idea!