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28 June 2012

Plums: the boozening

plum tree with broken branch

So the other day I went outside to water the garden only to discover that a full branch of our plum tree had snapped under its burgeoning weight of almost-ripe fruit.


I immediately dragged a chair outside and started stripping all the plums off the dangling branch. When I was done, I came inside and counted them. 155.

plum harvest

What am I supposed to do with 155 plums?

Well, I immediately put twelve or fourteen of them in a quart jar and covered them with all the vodka in the house. One batch of plum schnapps done.

After a run to the store, I did it all again, except with bourbon. I decided to make a pint and taste it in a week or so, just in case I hate it. Experimentation for the win!

I already know ordinary vodka-based plum schnapps is great, so I wasn't worried about just going for the huge batch of that one. Actually, I probably should get another handle of vodka so I can start several more jars of it. Mental note.

Both schnapps and infused bourbon need awhile to steep, so complex flavors have a chance to develop.

plum schnapps in process

Plum schnapps
Inspired by Danish Schnapps Recipes.

firm, ripe plums
a clean pin
a clean jar with a lid

Wash enough plums to fill up your jar of choice by about 2/3. Stab each individual plum all over with a pin, making sure to penetrate down to the pit. This will let the plum juice actually permeate your liquor.

Put all your plums in your jar. Pour in vodka to fill. Lid the jar and put it somewhere dark to age for 3-6 months. During the steeping period, shake the jar every few days, or whenever it occurs to you to do so.

After the 3 month mark, start tasting your schnapps. When the flavor is to your liking, strain out the plums and bottle the resulting schnapps. Keep in mind that you're going to have a young flavor at first, ok? The flavor will continue to develop as it ages.

Keep the finished schnapps in a dark cupboard and drink it at your leisure, either by itself (in which case, skål, yo) or in a cocktail of your choosing. I'm thinking it'll make a great vodka tonic, at the very least.

infusing bourbon with plums

Plum-infused bourbon
Inspired by Boozed & Infused's prune bourbon & brandy.

firm, ripe plums
a clean pin
a clean jar with a lid

Do the exact same thing as above, except using bourbon instead of vodka.

I'm not sure about infusion times for plums in bourbon. I don't think it will hurt to leave your plums in the bourbon for months, but I may want to pull mine out earlier. This is my first batch, so I'm not sure. However, tasting is always a good idea.


I mean, except for the broken branch. Otherwise, hooray.

plum tree with broken branch


Andy said...

Wow, I'm so jealous! I wish I had a fruit tree. Or even some sun on my patio so my lettuce would grow. Those plums look so perfect...

Cate said...

Yes- I'm jealous too! I dream about someday having an actual yard where I can grow citrus and avocado and all sorts of other goodies.

And I can't imagine how many plums you're going to have if just that one branch gave you so many!

Joanne said...

Whoa! I would never have thought schnapps were so easy to make! I should do this with more of my fruit surplus from now on...

Jes said...

Love Bullit, love plums, love booziness in general!!! I'm going to have to do this pair with my maraschino cherries :)

Eileen said...

We are going to have a MILLION. Any of you jealous people are welcome come to my house and pick plums for the next two weeks or so. :) And yes, schnapps is super easy! It's just infused vodka. An excellent use for way too much fruit of any kind!

Sister Mary Margaret said...

Where have you been all my life? I was looking for a recipe to use my peppermint schnapps, and came away learning how to make more schnapps. So - back to the original statement - Any ideas? I was hoping to find a smoothie recipe that would work with peppermint schnapps. Someone gave me a BIG bottle of 50 proof for Christmas and it has just been sitting there once it got too warm for hot chocolate. (Which is pretty much 361 days of the year in this part o' Texas!)