ZOMG MOAR BAGELS ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

29 January 2013


sesame bagel with hot roast beef, parmesan, and sprouts

Evidently bagels and bagel sandwiches are the main thing I want to eat lately. I used up an entire brick of cream cheese making different schmears, especially after I went to the farmer's market and acquired a box packed tightly with fancy sprouts. And not just the typical alfalfa sprouts, but a mix of alfalfa, arugula, red clover, and fennel. The result is especially cool, crisp, and refreshing, with just a touch of bitterness from the arugula. The anise flavor is really surprising, but perfect; I want to try it on egg salad pretty much immediately. It's so good.

So I promptly made a cream cheese schmear with sprouts, finely chopped yellow bell pepper, and shredded spinach, only to realize I was out of cream cheese when I went to make my bagel a couple days later. But that's ok! Fortunately, bagels can take anything you want to throw at them. This time I spread a sesame bagel with a thick layer of dijon mustard, some chopped roast beef, and a bit of parmesan cheese, and threw the whole shebang into the toaster oven until hot and delightful. Then I covered it with all the sprouts in the land, added a couple clementines, and was ready for lunch.

With my bagel, I had the new thing I want to drink all the time.

pompelmo grapefruit soda

Grapefruit soda! And not just grapefruit--yellow grapefruit, which seems to have fallen out of the supermarket almost entirely. This stuff tastes very much like the local grapefruits that people grow in their backyards. How have I never had it before?

If you ever get your hands on a homegrown California yellow grapefruit, be very happy. Then make a drink of some sort out of it. Fresh-squeezed juice, either alone or cut with sparkling water, is amazing; cocktails with juice or grapefruit supremes are even better. Otherwise, this soda is an excellent option.

Bagel, sprouts, clementines, soda: yes please.

sesame bagel with hot roast beef, parmesan, and sprouts

Of course, when you have a seed-encrusted bagel crammed with all the sprouts in the land, the detritus is going to fly everywhere. That's ok.

What have you guys been eating for lunch lately?


Kristina @ spabettie said...

I definitely want to eat lunch at YOUR house! I would love that grapefruit drink... grapefruits are my very favorite.

and sprouts were just MADE for bagel sandwiches... I was JUST talking about a good bagel sandwich this weekend - piled high with veggies. I think this means I need to make one soon...

Michelle said...

Yum! I haven't had a bagel in forever. You're making me miss them!

noelle said...

Thx for the grapefruit recommendation! I need to find that best neighbor ever who has a tree and leaves a box of free grapefruits out on the sidewalk. Where are your favorite bagels from?

Jes said...

Oh man, I can't get enough of your bagels--send me one, k?

But, seriously, that sprouts mix sounds incredible--I miss being able to buy sprouts. No one here carries them. It's baffling.

Eileen said...

Yes, sidewalk grapefruit! There was one house near my old office in Palo Alto that would leave out huge boxes--it was so great. I usually go to Posh Bagel, which is ok but not outstanding. But hey, bagels!

Sprouts: I don't think it's that hard to sprout them yourself at home, is it? I haven't tried, though...anyone?

Stacy G. said...

I admire your ability to improvise. It is a skill I want to develop more of when it comes to throwing together odds and ins in my kitchen.

Anonymous said...

This sounds so good. I also love cream cheese sandwiches. I've never thought to make my own flavored shmears... I'm inspired.

Cate said...

The roast beef bagel is like my dream meal! And I think that particular San Pellegrino is my favorite of all their flavors... but I love them all :)

Monet said...

I have been eating sandwiches, but now I know I need to be eating more bagel sandwiches. This looks amazing!

Diana @ Appetite for China said...

I have bagels about 2x a week and just having cream cheese as a topping can get kind of boring. Thanks for the new idea!

Monica said...

This is going to sound crazy but you've gotta try it: peanut butter (salty peanut butter, not sweet - but must have salt!) and sprouts on toast. You'll love it!