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14 October 2013

Brussels sprout, onion, and apple hash

brussels sprout, bacon, onion, and apple hash

One thing about Portland is that it's actually cool outside. The sky is grey. It rains occasionally, although I for one am finding it surprisingly dry so far. And that means the seasonal vegetables actually feel seasonal.

In California, we're often eating broccoli and kale while it's still 75F outside. Here, not so much--and it makes the winter veg taste so much better.

What I'm saying is: I made some brussels sprouts and they were great.

Sprouts definitely have a few natural partners in the food world. Onion, apple, and bacon all play extremely well with them, or really with any dark winter green. So it was lucky for me that all four of those things happened to be in the kitchen one night when I was looking for dinner. I chopped everything up, threw them in a hot pan, and was eating a big plate of dark green hash in under fifteen minutes. Hooray!

The amounts in this recipe are really flexible. You want maybe 1 slice of bacon per dinner-sized serving, roughly equal amounts of onion and sprouts, and a touch less apple. And if you don't do bacon, you can always use butter or the oil of your choice, and then add a bit of liquid smoke to the pan at the end of cooking--or just eat it as-is. It's not like brussels sprouts and onions aren't going to be delicious, right?

I considered frying an egg to put over the top of my finished hash. If you're in the runny egg yolk club, you should definitely try this out. Rich egg yolk over a smoky, hearty, veg-filled hash is clearly one of the greatest things in life.

brussels sprout, bacon, onion, and apple hash

Brussels sprout, onion, and apple hash

bacon/oil of choice
brussels sprouts
salt, pepper
optional sage, thyme, maybe some smoke seasoning

Start by chopping a piece of bacon into small bits. If you prefer to use oil or butter instead, that's cool too--just be prepared to spice a bit more heavily later.

Put your bacon into a hot frying pan or skillet of your choice. Cook, stirring occasionally, until the fat is rendered and the meaty bits are starting to crisp.

While you're waiting, dice an onion. Add the onion and a pinch of salt to the pan and continue to cook.

Wash, trim, and slice your brussels sprouts. I quartered mine and then cut any particular big pieces in half again. If you want to go for the thin shred, you can do that too--the pieces will just need less time to cook.

When your onion has softened, add your sprouts to the pan. Keep cooking, stirring occasionally, while you dice up half an apple.

Add the apple to the pan along with some salt and pepper. If you didn't use bacon, you may want to add some other spices, such as sage and thyme; I just let the bacon be my main seasoning.

Cook for another three to five minutes, or until everything is done to your tastes. If you want to top your hash with a fried egg, now is the time to fry it.

brussels sprout, bacon, onion, and apple hash

Serve, either alone or with egg on top.

I found this to be excellent with a beer on the side for dinner, but it could take a cup of strong coffee for breakfast equally well.

What fall veg are you cooking and eating lately?


Michelle said...

You know what else would probably be delicious with a fried egg? A Schnitzelwich.

I haven't been grabbing too much in terms of fall veg (yet), but I've been making a fair amount of soup. And eating apples. Eating lots of apples.

The weather is seriously dry as of late, and it's not normal at all.

Joanne said...

It's finally getting cool here also so I am getting back in the brussels sprout zone! Loving this hash.

Eileen said...

I love how the brussels sprout zone is a real, acknowledged thing! :) Lots of apples are certainly happening too.

And oh man, a fried egg schitzelwich? Yolk and pork, together at last. So great to see you!

Jes said...

This is one of my favorite combinations of ingredients and I especially love them roasted too!

So glad you're getting to experience the fall season this year!

Anonymous said...

I have a strange, finicky love for brussels sprouts- they must be cooked to perfection, and seasoned well, and eaten simply (I know, obnoxious much?) These fit the bill in every way. What a good Thanksgiving side they'd be, too!

Caz said...

Sprouts are just appearing in the markets in the UK too. We always view them as very much a Christmas vegetable but this is such a nice way to mix things up. I love the combination of falvours.

Sippity Sup said...

I go ahead and make Brussels Sprouts and just crank the AC. Feels just like fall! GREG

CQUEK said...

this sounds sooooo delicious!