Serious catch-up catch-all ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

21 May 2014

Serious catch-up catch-all

Where am I? What's going on?

A delightful breakfast in bed featuring migas and coffee

Someone got a nice fancy tray of surprise breakfast in bed. I made migas and coffee for ultimate delight.

Note that the tray was too small to hold an actual plate. As such, that is a very full salad plate.

Rhubarb mojito

If you have both leftover rhubarb syrup and a garden bed full of mint, you will end up making a mojito or two. Definitely very refreshing on a hot hot afternoon.

I also drank a good pitcher of iced black tea with spoonfuls of rhubarb syrup in each glass. VERY good idea. Possibly an even better idea than the mojitos.

Spaghetti with green beans, summer squash, and chicken sausage


This kind of melange is so typical that I don't normally bother to take pictures. Seared chicken sausage, green beans, summer squash, parsley, and some red pepper flake, all mixed up with a handful of spaghetti.

The leftovers were good for pre-dinner I'm-way-too-hungry snacking.

steamed green beans with pepper, sliced apricot and nectarine, and raw aged cheddar

On Sunday afternoon we had more green beans for feast spectacular, along with the first apricots and nectarine of the season and a wedge of very crumbly raw aged cheddar.

There was also a baguette and a lot of hummus (not pictured).

Seared tilapie filet with fresh spring peas

Speaking of the first of the season, how about some peas? Boiled, drained, buttered, and eaten.

The tilapia was super simple too. Toss in seasoned flour, sear in butter, cut a wedge of lemon for garnish. The end.

What delicious dishes have you been throwing together and forgetting to post about?


Michelle said...

I swore I posted a comment...

I said I wanted all of the iced tea and rhubarb syrup. One of my favorite sodas has rhubarb in it. So good!

Joanne said...

So much good eating has been going on! Sometimes life just gets too busy..but I hope that means that good thigns are going on!