$1.85 at the farmer's market ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

15 March 2015

$1.85 at the farmer's market

$1.85 at the farmer's market

If you're careful, $1.85 at our farmer's market can get you this. Three zucchini, six pea pods, one tiny carrot, and an armful of assorted peppers from the $.65/lb sort-outs bin: $1.20. A small bag of broccolini, no price sign to be found: $.65.

What will I do with all of these?

Most of the peppers will get washed, trimmed judiciously (there's a reason they were in the sort-outs bin), and put into a quick brine to pickle. The few in good enough shape to keep for a few days will go into all kinds of things: quesadillas, salads, scrambled eggs, tomato sauce.

The zucchini will probably get sauteed with olive oil and garlic and thrown over some pasta, maybe with a handful of toasted breadcrumbs on top.

I could eat the peas raw with some hummus, slice them at an angle and throw them into a green salad, or cook them with the zucchini for pasta purposes.

The broccolini will likely get a simple saute, either with butter and garlic or a good squirt of sriracha sauce and some chopped almonds. To be eaten next to a piece of fish or some spicy seared tofu.

The carrot will get eaten one way or another.

What kind of vegetables are popping up at your farmer's market this spring?


foodfeud said...

Ooh, I'm never capable of being careful at the farmer's market - I just throw my money everywhere at any beautiful little vegetable, but good job!!
It's actually been far too long since I've taken a deliberate walk through of the market, so this is a good reminder.

janet @ the taste space said...

Score!! Totally jealous. Since I am back in Toronto, the prices at the farmer's markets are not nearly as awesome. I have to scope out the Asian markets... of course, only after local produce appears. We still have snow right now! Hope all is well

Joanne said...

WHAATTT?! That is awesome. I can never seem to leave the farmer's market without spending at least $30!

Jes said...

I'm pretty sure you did some Jesus-fishes-and-loaves type thing in order to get that much for so little!

Marissa | Pinch and Swirl said...

Well done! That's quite a haul for under $2.

We have a 30 week CSA that starts in June and for about $20 I am blown away at the beautiful, ripe produce we get. When I actually GO to the farmer's market, I spend a fortune and then come home, evaluate the space in the refrigerator and think, "How many people do I think live here?"