Improv curry ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

16 March 2007

Improv curry

I am too exhausted to drag groceries home today. What is in the kitchen?

This is based off a yogurty Pakistani curry I found lurking somewhere in the depths of the internet years ago. It was originally made with chicken; while I do eat chicken sometimes, tonight was not one of those times. I wanted vegetables. Ok, here are some vegetables.

Improv curry

half yellow onion
2 cloves garlic
fresh ginger
olive oil
waxy potatoes
a little tomato puree
couple spoonfuls plain yogurt (or soy yogurt, for those of you)
fresh spinach
cumin, coriander, turmeric

Chop half an onion into chunks; mince two cloves of garlic; peel and pulverize an inch-long stem of ginger. Throw it in the pan with a good couple glugs of olive oil. Cook until soft, then add cumin, coriander (seed), turmeric. Get it all mixed up deliciously. When you can seriously smell the spices, add two or three chopped potatoes, a couple spoonfuls of tomato puree, another couple spoonfuls of real decent plain yogurt, and some water. Bring to a simmer, cover, and turn down. Cook until potatoes are tender, then throw in the end of a bunch of spinach, stemmed and washed. Stir it all up to get the spinach blanched, then serve over rice and/or with naan. I had rice.

Naan is hard because I am far too lazy to do it on a regular basis. We did make it once, and it was perfect and puffy and amazing. Perhaps at some point I will be less lazy and thus do it again. Perhaps at some point I will not have any rice. This is certainly feasible.

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