Late night rice salad ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

28 March 2007

Late night rice salad

This is what to have at eleven at night when you realize you want dinner but your body has turned strongly against any sort of processed food.

Rice salad

wild/brown rice mix
dry vermouth
olive oil
red onion or shallot
green beans
dry or fresh basil
fresh parsley
optional: romano or feta cheese

Make the rice in the rice cooker, substituting vermouth for, say, a third of the required water. This will make it delicious. I made 3/4 cup of rice for two people.

In the meantime, chop up a shallot or half a red onion. Warm some olive oil in a saute pan and stick in your onion. Cook slowly to soften. Defrost your peas by immersing in hot water; top/tail and chop your green beans into tiny pieces. Add the peas and beans to the onion mix with a couple shakes of dried basil and maybe another splash of vermouth. Cook until nice and tender, then salt and pepper.

When everything is done, tip the vegetables into the rice cooker, add some vinaigrette (or olive oil and a little vinegar), fresh parsley, and/or fresh basil, and stir to combine. Eat warm or cold, plain or with cheese. I really wanted mild feta here, but had to settle for romano. It was delicious nonetheless.

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