Breakfast couscous ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

12 March 2007

Breakfast couscous

I have to eat breakfast because I bike five miles to work. If I don't have breakfast, this is enormously painful. This situation necessitates Breakfast Experiments. My breakfast has to be fast, easy, and ready in five minutes. It also has to be savory, not sweet. Fortunately, this is not so hard to achieve. It just requires you to consider food differently.

Today: Breakfast couscous.

some couscous
hot water in the teapot
red pepper
lemon juice

First, set tea on to steep with some water out of your teapot. Tea drinking bonus: 5 points.

Pour some couscous into a bowl. I use about half a cup. Add hot water to cover, stir, and let it steam while you chop vegetables. I just had these vegetables, but any that are good raw are fine. Chop them into small chunks and dump them over the cooked couscous. Proportions: you want slightly more vegetables than couscous. Add some torn parsley, black pepper, and lemon juice. You might want a little olive oil or something as well. Stir it all up to get the juice/oil on everything.

By this time, your tea is steeped. Eliminate the tea leaves. Eat couscous and drink tea. Good morning.

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