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08 April 2009


You guys you guys! So last weekend after 17 mile grueling training bike ride for the NY Century (the real one: 100 miles), which is in September such that biking 17 miles currently is actually doing pretty well, we went to the diner, ate HUGE DINER SANDWICHES, and then went to the farmer's market! Hooray farmer's market!!

For one thing, as evidenced today at the far more popular Union Square market, we who generally go to the local markets get things much cheaper. A dozen eggs at Union Square: $4.50. A dozen eggs at Fort Greene: $3.50, or $3 if they have large instead of extra large. Huge difference! Also, plants: tiny 4-inch plants at Union Square: $4.50. Tiny 4-inch plants at Fort Greene: $3. Hell yes! PLANTS!

We bought some plants.

This one is sorrel. I have never even seen cut sorrel leaves for sale, and now we have a plant! Yes! I can wilt sorrel into a ridiculous, swift, intensely green sauce!

This one is sage. I can just see the butternut squash risotto with crispy sage scattered over the top.


I potted them both and used the empty seedling pots to start a bunch of parsley from last year's backyard seed. Parsley! For so long I just walked out into the backyard to get some of you, even if it was just the wilty little leaves from the bottom of the bolting bush, to put in food. Now we live in Brooklyn, and there have only been a few tired bunches of cut parsley crisping slowly in the refrigerator. NO LONGER!

Today I came home from work and found this.


Parsley, you will never let me down.

This weekend, after biking five circuits of Prospect Park instead of last week's four, plus the ride there and back, we plan to eat something huge and sustenatory at the diner, then go down to the farmer's market with our bags. We need more vegetables, and we definitely need more plants. PLANTS.


Kris said...

Horray for urban gardening! We have more than apartment space, but not much and we've been toying with the idea of potting some goods to eat on our porch. I think you've inspired me to go for it!

eileen said...

YES GARDENING! do it do it! so worth the tiny comparative price.

Nicole ( said...

Yay gardening!