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22 April 2009

Greatest breakfast ever.

Ok, so the other day John and I made a huge pile of linguine with spicy aglio e olio: smashed whole cloves of garlic cooked in olive oil with minced jalapeƱo, red pepper flakes, and sweet green pepper, plus a little parmesan and a lot of fresh black pepper. It was awesome.

The problem with having that pasta with those vegetables, though, was that they didn't really stick to each other. Linguine doesn't have a bunch of crevices to catch all the delicious business, even though it can certainly hold onto the spicy oil! Yes! So while everything was great, and we certainly ate a lot of the little bits by straight up stabbing them with forks, we also ended up with a smallish pile of vegetables left over. What do you do with a saucer full of garlic and hot pepper?

Well, if you are me, you make some of this.

Perfect egg sandwich.

butter/olive oil
leftover spicy veg (or fresh veg)
eggs/firm tofu
salt, pepper
sourdough/other good bread
mozzarella or swiss cheese, if you want cheese
mesclun mix/other good lettuce

Warm veg; scramble eggs; toast bread; slap sandwich together.

So get out a (pref. nonstick) saute pan, heat it on medium, and melt a little butter in it. You don't need a lot when working with this type of leftover veg, since they were cooked in olive oil to begin with. Just tip your veg into the pan and heat them up, stirring occasionally. If you want to start from fresh vegetables, use a little more butter or oil. Then you can smash some garlic cloves, cut up whatever veg you want in your eggs, cook them until they're softened and any juice has evaporated, and proceed. Besides my mix, I'd use red pepper, mushrooms, or any kind of greens.

When the vegetables are hot through and sizzling, crack an egg or two into a bowl. I'm thinking you could also use crumbled firm tofu here, although I haven't tried it; it's just a scramble.

Salt and pepper the eggs, beat them with a fork, and pour them into the pan. Turn down the heat a little, so you can cook the eggs slowly. Now get out your spatula and start stirring. Stir more or less continually until your eggs are cooked to your liking. On low-medium heat, with hot vegetables, this should take about five minutes.

When your eggs are almost done, stick a couple slices of bread in the toaster oven (or I guess actual toaster) and toast to your liking. I used sourdough, because sourdough is awesome, but other breads would work: serious grain breads, or aromatic rye. Just use good bread instead of white diner crud. Try to time your toasting so the bread will be done at the same time as the eggs.

Ready to assemble? Cut a few thin pieces of cheese (if you want cheese) and lay them across each piece of bread. Scoop your eggs over the bread, add a big handful of greens (and maybe some parsley if you have a bunch lying around), and close your sandwich. Mash it together gently for a minute, so the hot eggs and bread can melt the cheese and give the sandwich some means to stay together. I used way too much egg for my amount of bread, so I had bits and pieces falling all over the place. Be prepared: get out a napkin.

Now eat it! Immediately! Eggs must be eaten hot.

Have a big cup of tea or preferably (if it's nighttime, or the weekend) some dry white wine. Don't make it into a mimosa, either. You remember that bit in Sandman where Dream and Delirium were having dinner, and Dream had an omelet with a glass of white wine? This is a lot like that.


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