Uh oh ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

01 April 2009

Uh oh

I've been willing myself not to try Siggi's skyr for something like three years, ever since I first heard of it, because I was afraid I'd like it too much and never want to eat any other yogurt. This was pretty easy in CA, since it wasn't in the stores, but now I see it everywhere. EVERYWHERE. For $3.29.

This morning I had some for breakfast.

Ok, so this is some quality yogurt. It's incredibly healthy, with lots of protein and calcium, although it would be more so without straining out 100% of the milkfat. It has a super thick, creamy texture, agave nectar for sweetener, five active cultures, and an obvious real fermented tang. Still, the flavored business is not really to my taste. Yes! Even when the flavor is "slightly orange with awesome ginger bits"! I just prefer yogurt in straightup savory form.

So apparently I'm going to have to try the plain.

A few notes:

- There's vegetable rennet in here, so it's completely vegetarian, but why do you need rennet to make yogurt at all? I've never seen it in any recipe, even when the recipe requires a lot of draining (i.e. in yogurt cheese or labneh). Does this have something do with the thinness of yogurt made from skim milk? It seems likely. So I'm guessing the rennet is what thickens the yogurt, even beyond draining.

- Although this is clearly much higher quality than most commercial flavored yogurts, it still gave me an immediate scent association to the dreaded fruit on the bottom. On eating, the ginger bits were integrated throughout the container, but still. This is really the "I like savory yogurt" point made over again.

- I really need to get a damn candy thermometer so we can take another shot at making our own yogurt.

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