chickpea pancake mushroom toast ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

27 February 2010

chickpea pancake mushroom toast

Wow, I'm exhausted. In conclusion, have some pictures.

Chickpea pancakes: equal parts water and chickpea flour, plus grape tomatoes, kale, and red onion. You can use any vegetables you want; frankly, spinach would have tasted better here than the kale, but that's ok. Salt, pepper, maybe some paprika. Fry just like regular pancakes until awesome. Chickpea pancakes are great with something tangy like yogurt cheese or smoky like baba ghanouj slathered all over the top.

I didn't have either of those, though, so I had them with mushroom toast. Toss roughly broken mushrooms and smashed garlic cloves with olive oil and roast at maybe 350F. Stir thoroughly halfway through to distribute the awesome mushroom-garlic liquid. When done, put on toast, making sure to soak it with all the extra juices. I had sourdough and it was awesome.


Chrissy said...

I never thought of making mushrooms in the oven!

eileen said...

you should go to the library and take a look at some nigel slater--he's very meaty but also is totally all about the roasting vegetables. like, roasted tomatoes with thyme branches and garlic! and roasted onions! that kind of thing.