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11 February 2010

That quinoa fried rice business I was talking about

I guess it's really more of a scramble, if you look at the proportions, but whatever.

Fried not rice but leftover quinoa

Sauté chopped red onion in butter with a little olive oil mixed in. Add chopped mushrooms, a little salt, and a couple shakes of paprika. Stir it together and cook over medium until the onion and mushroom are soft. Then add a big whack of shredded kale and a couple handfuls of leftover quinoa. You could use other greens or other grains or even other vegetables: whatever you want. Add a slug of water and slap the lid on the pan for a few minutes; this will steam the greens and heat the grain through. Then take the lid off the pan and crack an egg or two in. One egg will make something more like fried rice, while two will make more of a scramble, depending, of course, on how many vegetables you've used. Stir it up, mixing the eggs well into the vegetables, and cook until set.

Now you can eat it.

In conclusion, hooray for leftovers!

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