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08 April 2010

All tacos all the time

I seriously must have eaten tacos for half the week. Er, half of last week. TACOS.

Taco 1: Fried egg! I love the fried egg taco. This one had sauteed black beans/rice/onion/some sort of hot pepper and some exciting salsa verde. I also love the salsa verde, incidentally. If you make a fried egg and put it on one of two tacos, you can then catch any drippy yolk from taco one on the open face of taco two. Wait, that's sort of confusing with the whole "numbered tacos" conceit. Oh well.

Taco 2: Seared shrimp with similar black beans/rice, salsa verde, and squeezy lime. This would be more satisfactory were my shrimp higher quality as opposed to frozen. I need to get on that one of these days.

Taco three: These were actually more like quesadillas, since they were filled with refried beans, melted mozzarella (I know, but it's delicious and salty even though it's also inauthentic), and hot sauce out of the 79 cent bottle. Still: delicious.

Taco four: more refried beans, with cream cheese, wilted onion/red pepper, and big handfuls of greens. This was obviously a result of the newly reincarnated spring farmer's market. MORE SPINACH MORE MORE.

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noelle said...

This is making me panic a little that I am not eating enough tacos.