Busy busy busy ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

20 January 2011

Busy busy busy

You guys, I'm so exhausted. I'm just going to have to give you some pictures, ok?

The CA winter farmer's market is dramatically different than the NY version. I can seriously still buy peppers. I can buy them YEAR-ROUND. Wow. I can buy lots of clementines and various other citrus fruit, too, but winter is actually citrus season, so that at least makes sense. Also note the half gallon of apple cider. It's hard to find, as we are ostensibly not in a big apple-growing state, but it's there.

TACOS!! Can you believe that the filling used to be potato leek soup? Yes. One night I made a big batch of said soup, then discovered that neither John or I wanted to eat it. So I put the whole pot into the fridge overnight. The next day I stuck a big spoonful of cold thickened soup into a frying pan, boiled off the remaining liquid, added an egg, parsley, and some sriracha sauce, scrambled it all together, and put the finished business into tortillas, which I then ate. And that's why you should never throw away any decent food if you can help it. (The rest of the soup is now hiding in the freezer for future lazy dinner.)

Can't stand the thought of looking at the stove for even one more minute? Try GRAPEFRUIT. Easy! Fast! Also available at the winter farmer's market, at least if you live in a citrus-growing area! TRY IT TODAY!

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