Not tacos: the vegan burrito bowl ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

25 January 2011

Not tacos: the vegan burrito bowl

For some reason, flour tortillas have totally vanished from all the local grocery stores this week, and I just did not want the very easily available corn tortillas. Boo! No tacos! No burritos! No quesadillas!

Instead, I cooked a cup of brown rice and a pan of refried beans, and then piled them in a bowl with half a chopped avocado, a handful of parsley (as there is currently no cilantro in the house either), and a dousing of hot sauce. Reasonable taco substitute achieved!


Jes said...

Burrito bowl! Love it!

Eileen said...

And yet I pine for the day when I can actually eat a real burrito...oh wait! That's tomorrow, because I found flour tortillas, bought them, and am currently hoarding them in my refrigerator! Hooray!