JUICE! ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

15 March 2011


Blood orange and grapefruit juice

two blood oranges
one grapefruit
a reamer of some kind

Roll each piece of fruit firmly on the counter to begin breaking up the inner membranes. If you're patient, you can even leave them on a sunny windowsill for a couple hours first; warm fruit gives more juice.

Cut each piece of fruit in half. Ream with reamer. Pick any seeds out of the resulting juice.

Pour your juice into a glass. You should have about a cup altogether.

Now you have a few options.
- Add some ice to dilute it slowly as you sip.
- Add an equal amont of sparkling water to create a fizzy juice spritzer.
- Mix with champagne for an exciting mimosa.
- Mix with gin for an exciting martini.
- Pound it instantly, undiluted, for a serious blood sugar rush.

I choose option five.

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