Open-faced cream cheese and mushroom sandwiches with arugula ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

07 March 2011

Open-faced cream cheese and mushroom sandwiches with arugula

I sometimes feel very much like Cookie Monster, except in regard to sandwiches, not cookies. SANDWICH! SANDWICH SANDWICH SANDWICH!

I usually do manage to get the sandwich into my existent esophagus, however.

This time I had cream cheese and mushrooms on herb bread from the farmer's market, with a mountain of arugula on the side to pile on each bite as I ate.

Open-faced cream cheese and mushroom sandwiches with arugula

decent bread
cream cheese (or goat, etc.)
black pepper
arugula (spinach, etc.)
(anything else that sounds good)

Slice up some bread; toast or not as you prefer. Spread with cream cheese and layer on chopped parsley and mushroom slices. Other good additions might include thinly sliced red onion, red pepper, cucumber, other herbs you like, or what have you. Sprinkle the finished sandwiches with fresh black pepper.

Eat with copious amounts of arugula.


Jes said...

That seems like the perfect breakfast-lunch sandwich. & I could definitely get behind a sandwich monster! :)

management said...

I started growing arugula in my home. I'm gonna transplant them at the garden. I am very excited about having fresh arugula at my fingertips!

management said...

You should see their little baby sprouts coming out of the dirt! Adorable.

Eileen said...

Jes, it is especially good for breakfast, seeing as 1. it's totally another play on the bagel w schmear and 2. eating a big pile of vegetables for breakfast is the greatest.


Kim, yay garden! I have to get started on that for real, although I do have hard still alive from last year (!) and several carrots, lettuces, etc that decided to sprout on their own. I got a tomato plant from the farmer's market! There will be much potting in the near future.