Post-Christmas wrapup ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

27 December 2012

Post-Christmas wrapup

leftover garlic mashed potatoes with horseradish sour cream sauce and lentils vinaigrette

I swear, I am getting something posted today.

So hi! I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday. We saw a whirlwind of family and friends in Michigan, and then topped it off with ten hours of travel on Christmas day. After the last stage of the journey (which consisted of car, bus, plane, train, train, and train) we walked up to the only thing open--CVS--and got frozen pizza and wine for our Christmas dinner. Hooray!

Our big family dinner went off with only the most minor of hitches. The menu, which needed to satisfy children, omnivores, vegetarians, and vegans, went as follows:

- Rib roast with sour cream horseradish sauce
- White bean and butternut squash soup
- Green salad with homemade dijon red wine vinaigrette
- Lentils vinaigrette
- Peas, endive, and pearl onions
- Mashed potatoes with garlic poached in olive oil
- Pears braised in coffee syrup with shaved chocolate

Recipes and discussion to follow. It was a very long day of cooking, but we did it. Hooray x2!

I spent the next two days eating leftover mashed potatoes with sour cream horseradish sauce and lentils vinaigrette for breakfast. Then we came home, where I sat on the couch and exhaustedly played puzzle games for a full day, and then tried valiantly to catch up on my feed backlog of 632 posts. And here we are.

More to come on our big dinner in the near future. Hope your holiday feasts went well!


Caz said...

Pears braised in coffee syrup with shaved chocolate sounds amazing! Sounds like you had a hectic Christmas. I hope you have a more peaceful New Year. :)

Jes said...

Sounds like the perfect way to balance everyone's diet at your family feast--lentils, soup, and mashed potatoes sounds amazing for the vegans/veg. And even better for breakfast. Mmm.

G & I were thinking about starting to travel *on* Christmas day--flights are cheaper, right? Any drawbacks to it?

Eileen said...

Glad you guys like the menu! Jes, flying on Christmas day was definitely the only plan for us, since the tickets were $300 less apiece. The travel itself wasn't notably different than usual--except for having to deal with holiday train schedules. But that's no big deal overall.

Hannah said...

Seriously looking forward to that lentil recipe. I somehow ended up with three pounds of the little legumes after a coop order gone wrong, so I'm trying to find inspiration anywhere I can. These look super delicious, and sound simple enough!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful menu! I love holiday menus that offer options for different culinary tastes.

Michelle said...

Sounds like a stellar meal. I would have definitely gone back for seconds or thirds! I always envision traveling on Christmas to be like wandering a ghost town. Was there a lot of people?