Post-launch cocktails ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

17 December 2012

Post-launch cocktails

cranberry orange liqueur

Well, I did it. I launched my service.

Then I didn't say anything about it, because last week ended up being a very bad week for happy announcements.

My launch has nothing to do with food, but that's ok. It does have to do with applying for law school, so if any of you guys have friends or acquaintances panicking over their application essays, go ahead and send them over to my new online course, Launch: Personal Statement. I'd definitely appreciate it.

That's definitely not about food. However, it does require a celebratory cocktail or two.

So I went over to Boozed and Infused and made up a batch of cranberry-orange liqueur and one of gingerbread liqueur. I reduced the sugar in the cranberry-orange liqueur to 1/3 cup, but otherwise made just about zero changes. Bonus: Orange zest from the backyard!

Too bad I can't really have any of said liqueur for another couple weeks. The cranberry-orange needs to keep marinating; the gingerbread, though already strained, needs some time to age. A preliminary taste was REALLY GOOD; I can't wait to see how it tastes after maturing a bit.

Of course, they will be just about perfect for New Year's Eve. Now I just need to be patient.


Jes said...

I just watched the Iron Chef holiday issue where the theme was gingerbread--waaay too many dishes looked too gingerbready to me. That gingerbread liqueur however? Pass me a cocktail!

Congrats on your launch!!

Michelle said...

Congrats, lady!! The website looks great!

(and yum on the cocktails)

Unknown said...

Congratulations! Oh man, we are so on the same page about infusing liquor! Tis the season?

kristina said...

Congratulations! The course looks awesome and so does the liqueur. For different reasons, obviously :)

Eileen said...

Thank you so much, everyone! Cocktails for all!

Caz said...

Congratulations Eileen! These cocktails look like the perfect way to celebrate :)

elizabeth (bubbleteafordinner) said...

love the website and the idea, I'm so happy for you! That must have been a lot of work... deserving of only the most special of boozy concoctions!

wildcraft diva said...

Hey, haven't dropped by for a while....hope your launch is getting busy!! Viva infusions also. Happy New year