Eating the freezer ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

25 September 2008

Eating the freezer

Oh man. It's a good thing we had things in the freezer, or we would have eaten practically nothing for our entire last week in CA.

This time I had steamed couscous and made some vegetable business with frozen meatballs from a couple weeks ago.


Take as much cous as you want and put it in a bowl. I think I had a little under a cup. Add a slug of olive oil, some salt and pepper, and just-boiled water to cover. Put a towel over the bowl and leave it to steam for five minutes. Then check to see if the cous is tender. If not, add some more hot water, stir, and cover again.

Vegetable and meatball business:

Mince up some garlic or a shallot: whatever you have in the house, since you're moving and all. Throw them in a saute pan with some olive oil and soften them slowly.

At the same time, chop up any vegetables you want to get rid of. I had a zucchini and cut it into half-moons. Since zucchini cooks quickly, I decided to add it pretty close to the end, and set it aside. Harder, longer-cooking vegetables can go in earlier.

Add some tomato puree or sauce to the pot, along with some oregano, marjoram, basil, or whatever appropriate herbs you haven't already given away to friends. Also add some salt and pepper, plus any longer-cooking vegetables you have. You can add some water or dry vermouth or the end of a bottle of decent dry wine if the mix is too dry and thick. When the tomato sauce begins to bubble, add in your cooked meatballs. Mine were still frozen, which was no big deal: they defrosted in the pot.

Add zucchini or other soft vegetables after about five minutes at the simmer. Cook another few minutes to wilt, and then you're done.

Put a big spoonful of vegetables and meatballs on top of your bowl of couscous, then eat.

Eating is great.

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