It's New York! ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

27 September 2008

It's New York!

Look at the stove I get to cook on until we find our real apartment!

A GAS STOVE. Not only that, but the fanciest of gas stoves. There are practically no gas stoves in CA, since people worry about severing gas lines in earthquakes, but here there are lots of gas stoves! I'm so excited. A stove on which I can control the heat! The pans that come with corp apartment aren't very good, and neither are the knives, but the stove is GREAT. If only we had our gigantic and perfect All-Clad sauté pan here, as opposed to somewhere in the moving truck. Everything would be perfect.

So far we've mainly used said stove for making tea and some standard pasta, but that is ok. I don't want to stock this entire kitchen and just have to move it, but I do want to make and eat delicious things. Hmm hmm.

So far I've ended up eating a lot of pitas. This one had a chopped hard-boiled egg and lettuce inside. Another one had hummus, carrot, green onion, and lettuce. I'm pretty happy about these. Among other things, the hummus we got--Sabra--was excellent.

One other thing we found: huge dried lima beans.

Fassoulia, you will be mine. Oh yes. You will be mine.

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