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25 January 2010

Muffin muffin who's got the muffin


OK, how awesome are Heidi's espresso banana muffins? So awesome! And that's coming from someone not particularly into baking and/or baked things other than bread. These are from Super Natural Cooking, which is generally pretty great. And how great is it that Heidi's now working on another book? So great! Lack of adjective variation represent!

Ok: muffins. First, I am not into walnuts, so those were out. Next, I always have straight up wheat flour instead of white/wheat or any other variants, so I subbed that in. Of course there wasn't enough wheat flour, either: only a cup and a half instead of two cups. So instead of using chickpea flour or cornmeal, which were the only other flours in my freezer, I went for the bag of almonds. I finely chopped half a cup of those to sub for the missing flour, and did it ever work well. This made for 14 dense, fairly damp, exciting muffins.

That is, it would've made 14 of them had I not tipped the second muffin tin over the edge of the oven. Excellent move on my part! Of course, we got eight muffins out of the deal, so it wasn't a complete tragedy. We still managed to eat quite a few of them in a very short period of time.

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