FARMER'S MARKET. ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

19 June 2010


So this weekend I got up and went over to the Mountain View farmer's market.

First of all, holy crap. This thing was bigger than Union Square. I have never, ever seen a farmer's market so big, and smack in the middle of the suburban Silicon Valley flood plain besides. The apricots were all the size of baseballs. There was a ten-person line for bread, and not in the newspapery bread-riot way, either. I couldn't even handle doing a full walkthrough before I started buying things.

I've never been up to the ferry building market, but now I'm a little terrified to go. What mass of humanity and vegetables must be there when there was already so much here?

I spent about $22. Here's what I got:

- four early girl tomatoes
- two medium heirloom tomatoes, possibly black cherokee
- a sungold cherry tomato plant (now repotted and sunbathing on our balcony)
- a pint of strawberries
- a pint of blueberries
- two pluots
- two white nectarines
- three "apriplums," which are apparently a strong apricot/weak plum cross
- three small red torpedo onions
- a bag of green beans
- a bunch of striped-stem chard
- a sourdough baguette
- a handful of tiny padron peppers

So far I have eaten much fruit, had an excellent breakfast of baguette slices toasted with my friend Joann's tapenade, diced salami, and slivers of swiss cheese, blanched green beans and dipped them in baba ghanouj, and produced large quantities of refried black beans with padron peppers.

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