Self-portrait with teakettle ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

14 June 2010

Self-portrait with teakettle

First actual cooking in the new apartment! Yeah!

We certainly haven't yet rebuilt a full pantry--not that the half cabinet we used in Brooklyn was exactly a pantry, but whatever--so right now our food at home is really simple. This was the most complicated thing I've made in two weeks, and it wasn't exactly rocket surgery. I did get to use our exciting new gas-stove-in-earthquake-country, though! Score!

Pile of veg on toast with nouveau string cheese

olive oil
hot red pepper
yellow tomato
cremini mushrooms
red bell pepper
salt, pepper, oregano
fresh parsley
piece of decent bread
optional string cheese

Essentially, the process went like this.

1. Get hungry.
2. Realize that while no protein whatever is in the house, there are plenty of vegetables.
3. Cut up lots of vegetables and sauté them in olive oil.
4. Toast bread.
5. Put vegetables on bread. Decide that this will not be enough, due to previously mentioned lack of protein.
6. Get out piece of string cheese, say "you'll do," and arrange it nicely around the toast and veg.

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