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20 September 2010

The end of summer advantage: melon and fig salad

It's starting to get cooler--or, well, it's just barely cooler, but we do live in California now, so I'll give the rest of the country the benefit of the doubt. Cooler weather! Leaves actually on the ground! Fall!

So I went to the farmer's market and got some more of the precious, precious end of summer produce. In this case, I got a tiny chanterais melon and a basket of Turkish figs. What should happen?

Salad should clearly happen. I made one.

End of summer salad

good salad greens mix
ripe melon
ripe figs
half a clementine or tangerine, or a big piece of orange

This is a salad, so you don't have to get fancy. Just wash and dry your greens and arrange them on a plate. Chop your melon into chunks and halve or quarter your figs; strew them liberally over the greens. Juice the citrus over the plate, cupping your hand underneath to catch any seeds. I used clementine, as I had one; also, I like them best.

Now you can eat it.

This salad is totally sweet and dripping with juice of all kinds. If you want to go even further into the overwhelming land of summer, you can rip up a few pieces of prosciutto and add them to the salad. I personally am not all that into prosciutto, as the fattiness is overwhelming, but it's certainly a classic to eat with figs and melon. I personally would probably go into the land of toasty nuts or sunflower seeds instead.

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