Cottage cheese & mixed herb crisps ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

19 November 2013

Cottage cheese & mixed herb crisps

Cottage cheese & mixed herb crisps

This may sound weird at first, but stick with me.

You know how we talked about making your own schmears for bagels a few times before? That was clearly a good idea, right? Well, this is a very similar deal, but with cottage cheese and a touch of tangy yogurt or sour cream instead of cream cheese. It's still delicious, and it's still easy, and you can still make big tasty sandwiches with it.

While the first combination I learned is the most dear to my heart--green onion and radish with lots of cracked black pepper, aka salatka--any number of mixes of veg and herbs can go well with cottage cheese. The real question is: what's in your crisper?

This time I found a bag of salad sprouts along with a bunch of parsley and another of green onion: clearly a perfect herby, crunchy mix of vegetable flavors. I mixed everything together, spread the resulting excellence on pieces of sourdough crispbread, and voila! Lunch.

As always, the messiest food tastes the best.

Cottage cheese, mixed herbs, & pepper

Cottage cheese & mixed herb crisps

green onion
parsley or other herbs of your choice
alfalfa/clover sprouts
cottage cheese
sour cream, greek yogurt, or labneh
salt, pepper
crispbread, crackers, or toast to serve

Chop up as much green onion, parsley, and sprouts as you want to eat. I ended up with maybe a half a cup in total. Put them in an appropriate mixing bowl.

Add a couple big spoonfuls of cottage cheese and one smaller spoonful of the sour tangy dairy element of your choice. Season with salt and pepper and stir everything together until well mixed.

Spread on crispbread, crackers, or toast of your choice, grind a little more pepper over the top--seriously, PEPPER--and eat.

Cottage cheese & mixed herb crisps

If you want to fance it up, that's easy enough. I just slivered up a little orange bell pepper and tossed some extra parsley on mine. For more vegetable content, you could also spread it on cucumber slices, red pepper boats, or mushroom caps. Or do a u-turn from the fancy and make a huge sandwich with toasty bread, cottage cheese mix, sliced cucumber, spinach, or whatever else you like as a true all-veg layer. It's so clearly all good.

What fast & easy concoctions are you eating lately?


foodfeud said...

I DO remember those cream cheese schmears. I have a verrrrry old post that I meant to put up back in, like, August about corn and basil in schmears. What a brilliant idea you have. It's been a really long time since I've had cottage cheese, but a friend just recently came back from Germany and was telling me about something similar.
Sounds refreshing!

kristina said...

My aunt makes a fantastic dip (I call it the Christmas dip as that's when she makes it) with cottage cheese, so to me this doesn't seem strange at all. I like the fresh herbs, I think they make for great flavors in dips. Look forward to trying this out!

undercover caterer said...

I've been oddly into cottage cheese lately so this sounds divine to me. I usually just eat it with pepper and a spoon. I'ma get all fancy with my cottage cheese this weekend.

Michelle said...

Weird childhood story time -- growing up, my mom says my favorite meal was cottage cheese and cold hot dogs ("wieners" according to the kid version of me).

Such a great idea to do some mix-ins. If I could ever find a whole-milk cottage cheese, I'd probably be equally as excited as you to do this!

Sarah | The Sugar Hit said...

Looks sooooo good. MY family does little thangs like this all the time, and they totally make weekend brunch!

sprinklesandsauce said...

This looks so simple and healthy! Thank you!