Broccoli ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

06 June 2008


Yesterday I felt sick, so I had a head of steamed broccoli for dinner.

I put some butter on it.

It is hard to tell even from these pictures how perfect the broccoli was. We didn't even get it from the farmer's market. It came from the plain store. It was the most perfect broccoli I can recall, with tiny tight knobbly blossomheads still almost yellow on the underside.

I chopped it into florets and put it in a closed pot with half an inch of boiling water. I left it three minutes. When it was drained, I put the butter on it.

I had chamomile tea too. I felt better.

Then of course at eleven at night I was suddenly starving and had to have toast and jam in bed.

I got the bed all crumby.

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