More mint for hot morning ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

20 June 2008

More mint for hot morning

It's so hot. I should make some more of those spring rolls. I am going to try the dipping sauce over here. That looks closest to my honey and vinegar ideal.

Here is a thing to have for breakfast when it is hot. It's actually cool and refreshing. It also requires zero heat application of any kind.

Labneh crispbread

plain good yogurt for labneh
fresh mint

Drain plain yogurt in a fine strainer or coffee filter overnight to make the labneh. In the morning, when it is still nice and cool, get up. Get the cold cold labneh out of the fridge, along with the end of your bunch of mint from the other day. Get out some crispbread or neutral grainy crackers: something that is crispy and nicely textured without requiring heat of any kind. I like Wasa light rye. Get out some honey.

Spread labneh on the crispbread. Scatter torn mint leaves over. Drizzle the business with honey.

Eat it. Have iced tea. I had jasmine.

Some things you could add or exchange:
- dried fruit: cherries, apricots, cranberries
- fresh fruit: figs, apples, actual non-dried apricots
- some thick, fairly tart jam
- chopped almonds or pistachios
- sesame seeds

Now don't go out of the house all day unless you are going to the pool.

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