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27 June 2008

Snacky green vegetables with sesame

Sometimes you don't want much of anything for dinner. This was the case a couple days ago, when I was wandering around the kitchen essentially saying "bleah" to everything I saw. Fortunately, someone nice offered to make me a nice bowl of green niceties.

Green snacky business

butter/flavorless oil
sesame seeds
water or tea
soy sauce
hot pepper sauce (sriracha)

Skin and mince a shallot. Soften it slowly in butter or oil. We used butter. Maybe add a tiny bit of sesame oil if you want.

Add a bunch of edamame, either shelled fresh or frozen. If yours are frozen, don't bother to defrost them: the melting ice will give them some liquid to cook in. Add a little water in addition. John used some of my cup of tea, hoping it would give some tea flavor to the finished business, but no. Maybe a stronger tea would work.

Let the edamame simmer for five minutes or so while you chop the broccoli into pleasing florets. Then toss in the broccoli, along with a little dab of soy sauce and hot pepper sauce. Add a handful of sesame seeds as well. Sesame seeds are delicious: use lots. Stir everything together, cook for another three or so minutes, or until broccoli is barely cooked through, and serve.

Have some tea. I had iced jasmine tea. There's been a shocking amount of iced tea around here lately, partly because it's summer and partly because I bought a 1-liter carafe specifically for it.

Butter and shallot actually worked very well with the soy and hot pepper. Sesame always works well with everything. There's also this experience: it seems like you're eating just vegetables for dinner. Then you realize some of the vegetables are soybeans. Then you're full.

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