Additional harvest ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

21 September 2010

Additional harvest

We're at that point in the year when tomatoes are common. They just aren't as compelling as they were in June, even with the certain knowledge that they'll vanish, and soon.

With this in mind, I went out and got some of the last actual tomatoes of the year. I know I will want them them in January, even with the big bag of frozen summer tomatoes easily available, so I will make sure to eat them now.

I even treated my tomatoes like the first June harvest, and ate them raw, cut up in a bowl with a little bit of salt. Cucumber with milk-thinned labneh and chopped dill made an excellent and similarly early-summer-themed accompaniment.

For ultimate summer lunch experience, cut several pieces off a loaf of good bread, set tomatoes or spoonfuls of cucumber salad on top, and eat heartily.


MxH said...

Those tomatoes look amazing.

My tomatoes have been very inconsistent. The Bay is definitely a wonderful place to grow tomatoes. In Texas growing tomatoes is more like the fine art of playing darts. For most people it's very haphazard.

Eileen said...

And I didn't even grow that one! You should see my actual cherry tomato plant--it looks like a giant spider with legs splaying in every direction.