Circles circles circles ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

31 May 2009

Circles circles circles

I seem to eat everything lately out of a bowl. Small bowls work best; you can hold your food in one hand while chopsticking it up with the other, and so be thoroughly engaged in the act of eating.

Spicy cabbage and nut business

sesame seeds
flavorless oil
broccoli stems
sriracha sauce

First, toast some sesame seeds and cashews in a little frying pan until they're barely browning. This should take maybe five minutes; watch them so they won't burn. Tip them out of the pan and into a bowl to hang out for a bit.

Then you can wilt some finely chopped cabbage, peeled broccoli stems, and carrots with a big pinch of salt and a little oil. Other vegetables clearly work too. You can throw in a little water, clap the lid on the pan, and steam them if you want.

Add your toasted nuts and a few squirts of sriracha, mix everything together, and eat from a nice hand-sized bowl.

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noelle said...

I want this for lunch now! Or like 10 minutes ago! It was the broccoli stems that really did me in.