Recover ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

23 May 2009


First, I totally made the rhubarb fail into rhubarb win by letting the sorbet thaw, then mixing it with cranberry juice, some water, and several good squeezes of lemon. Later I made another with grapefruit juice instead of cranberry, and that worked out even better. Rhubarb tonic! It was pretty awesome.

I should probably see if there's some more at the farmer's market, so in future I can experiment with rhubarb/orange or rhubarb/lemon concentrates. (I'm not using the precious first real strawberries on this; sorry. Maybe if we were still in CA.) Then I can add not plain but sparkling water, to make it rhubarb soda! Yes!

In other news, I'm sick. This has somehow made it Ultimate Takeout Week. If you are wondering, Thai tom yum shrimp soup is excellent for clearing one's head, even if said soup comes with a couple surprising entirely intact shrimp, complete with legs and eyes. That was kind of a shock. On the other hand, intact shrimp certainly make a better broth. So, ok. I separated the meat, chucked the heads, and inhaled the entire container.

Then there was lots of leftover cashew tofu for lunch, and palak paneer for dinner.

Mostly I was just drinking lots of tea, though. I used to sometimes make myself a hot toddy when I had a cold, so as to expectorate, soothe my throat, ingest a lot of vitamin c, and knock myself out all at once. But obviously a drink full of whiskey is not the best idea. Instead: green tea with honey and lemon.

I had at least three of these before I got in bed for the night.

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