It's summertime ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

25 May 2009

It's summertime

I always get the Flaming Lips song stuck in my head when I say that.

It is definitely summertime, though. Yesterday we went and had a clearly summer-oriented picnic in Central Park, complete with babies and frisbees and cupcakes (vegan and non) and accidental proximity to impressive drum ensembles, which inspired a variety of silly dancing. Plus, when we got there, all the babies (the ambulatory, solid-food-consuming babies, anyway) dug instantly into our hummus with grape tomatoes and carrots, totally ignoring the cupcakes. Well, the cupcakes weren't up for grabs yet, but still. It was pretty sweet.

You can also tell it's summer when you walk down the street, past the little neighborhood grocery stores and fruit carts, and realize that a box of raspberries suddenly costs $2 and you can get 6 tiny, perfect apricots for $1.

You'll notice there are only two apricots left in the fruit bowl, the carrots and tomatoes have totally vanished, the raspberries are nowhere to be found.

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