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09 August 2010

Egg salad superlative

For once I actually had every single ingredient for the perfect egg salad. We ate it.

Egg salad superlative

good eggs from farmer's market or equivalent
Persian cucumber
red radishes
green onions
big bunch of fresh dill: baby, not pickling
good mayonnaise
dijon mustard
sea salt and fresh ground pepper

Hard boil eggs. Everyone has their own method for hard boiling perfect eggs; mine is to boil them (right out of the fridge) for nine minutes, then immediately immerse in ice water. Leave them there for ten minutes while you chop things.

So. Slice cucumber and radish into thin half-moons or quarters; slice onions into rounds; strip lots of fresh dill off the stem and chop roughly. Proportions here depend on what you like. I like lots of everything, but I find dill and radish the most important. Throw the resulting mixture into a mixing bowl.

To peel the eggs, whack them all over with the back of a spoon, then begin peeling at the wide end. This usually lets you get under the membrane quickly and easily. If you have issues, try peeling under running water, or immersed in a small bowl. Perfectly boiled eggs should have a little dark damp bit at the center of the yolk.

Chop the eggs roughly, then add them to the vegetables. Add a largish spoonful of mayo, a smaller spoonful of mustard, a little salt and plenty of pepper. Now mash everything together with a fork, adding a little more mayo if it's too dry. Make sure to get all the yolks fully mashed into the mustard/mayo business for ultimate salad concoction. Taste it, correct any necessary seasonings, and eat.

We like egg salad on rye toast, on sourdough, or on slices of cucumber. Of course, it's also excellent straight from the bowl. Ok then.

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