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06 August 2010

Projected dinner: potato and green bean salad

Man, Kim wants me to make her dinner, but I'm in CA and she's in Texas and it is just an insurmountable barrier, especially within the next several hours. So instead I will throw out some pictures and words in regard to a dinner of note. HOORAY.

Ok, I don't know if many people besides me would actually characterize this as "dinner," but whatev. This is exactly what I characterize as "dinner" on a fairly frequent basis.

It is potato and green bean salad!

good potatoes
good green beans
black pepper, salt
vinaigrette with a bunch of dijon mustard in it

First, put on a pot of water to boil. While it's warming up, thoroughly scrub and de-eye as many potatoes as you want to eat. I had the end of a bag of mixed red and yukon gold baby potatoes from the farmer's market, shockingly enough; I used about five or six. Potatoes! I like eating the peels, but you can peel yours if you so desire.

Anyway. Dice your potatoes into nice half-inch cubes. When the water comes to a boil, throw the potatoes into the pot. Give it a minute to come back to the boil, reduce heat, cover, and let cook for about 20 minutes. While the potatoes are cooking, top, tail, and chop up a big handful of green beans; I made mine about an inch long. Then, when the potatoes are almost done, throw the beans into the pot with them. Let cook another two or three minutes, or until both beans and potatoes are done to your satisfaction, then drain.

Toss the beans and potatoes with good vinaigrette, a little salt, and lots of good cracked pepper as instantly as possible; hot vegetables (and, uh, all hot food) will absorb seasoning much more easily than tepid or cold. If you want, you can add some actual dijon mustard to the mix, or a couple spoonfuls of good thick real yogurt, or even sour cream. It's all good, though you might want to give things a minute to cool down before you add any dairy.

Now eat it! It is totally a viable dinner.

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