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02 August 2010

Hey, let's check out the garden

Did you know we had a garden this year? We do! I have plants! Growing! On the balcony! In pots that are really too small, except for the tomato pot!

Check it out: zucchini. This is the plant that needs to be repotted the most, by far. I either have to get a bigger pot or commandeer a cardboard box, line it with a trash bag or something in that area, and use that. I guess I do have a big rubbermaid bin in my closet, but it's currently sort of full of non-plant items.

The plant in the corner is chard, which also needs a new pot but nowhere near as desperately. There's a substantial basil section hiding back there as well.

Most of my radishes didn't sprout, since I planted them really late due to that whole moving across the country business. This one worked out pretty well, though. Purple radishes with excellent sauteéeable greens! GIGANTOR IS GIGANTIC.

Finally, tomatoes! The cherry tomato plant has been the biggest success so far. It just about exploded when I repotted it, and is currently rioting all over a corner of the (large) balcony. There are lots of green tomatoes, but this has been the only one to ripen so far. Orange is the correct color for ripeness, since these are sungolds. In conclusion, I picked it and ate it and everything was great.

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