HUGE SALAD IS HUGE ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

08 August 2010


Benefits of huge salad:

- huge
- delicious
- made of exciting fresh, local, and largely organic ingredients
- after you eat it, you feel great


cucumber (Persian or English)
good tomato
fresh mozzarella
fresh cracked pepper
good salt
good vinaigrette

It's a salad! You can tell what to do by looking at the picture!

Wash spinach, dry, and arrange nicely on a plate. We actually have a salad spinner now and thus do not have to dry our greens by putting them in a dishtowel and whipping them around in a circle! Nice! Also helpful if you happen not to have a convenient back door out of which to do such a thing. Anyway. Slice yourself some cucumber, tomato, and fresh exciting mozzarella. Dot some dressing over the spinach. Arrange the cucumber, tomato, and mozzarella nicely over it. Add some more dressing, copious pepper, and minimal salt.

Now it is done and you can eat the whole thing, preferably with a bottle of cold white wine and a couple pieces of sourdough.


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