Summer = fruit ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

05 August 2010

Summer = fruit

Apparently I don't just want to eat fruit this summer. It all has to be the same color as well.

Champagne mango: cut two thick slices off the pit, score a crosshatch into each, and flip them inside out. Make sure to cut all the bits and pieces off the pit as well. Eat it.

Nectarine: get it half smashed in your bag on the way home from the farmer's market. Cut it off the pit over the sink. Eat it.

Cantaloupe: after you've finished making one half into a smoothie (with other fruit! Or else it will totally all turn to undrinkable foam!), scoop the seeds out of the other half and slice it as finely as you possibly can. Eat it.


management said...

Aggg gg! I wish you could/would cook me dinner!!!

eileen said...

Out of orange fruit?

I would totally be up for it the next time we're in any sort of proximity!