Summer still = fruit ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

17 August 2010

Summer still = fruit

Hey, it's a blackberry banana smoothie.

a handful of blackberries
a handful of frozen banana pieces
a couple of ice cubes
a splash of water so it will actually blend

Put in blender. Blend. Eat/drink.

I find the blackberry business a bit harder to take than other fruity blended concoctions. I don't own any straws, so I end up sort of half-chewing my way through...seeds. Lots of seeds. I think that for further blackberry smoothies I will have to employ a strainer.

Also, have I mentioned that I hate the word "smoothie"? Ugh.

I have to figure out what to eat for lunch now. No ideas so far. This probably indicates a default Middle Eastern platter of some kind.


management said...

Me too. It's an unpleasant word, reminiscent of the 80's; crass and anti-aesthetic.

eileen said...

we will all simply have to immediately begin using "smoosie" instead.