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19 March 2010

What's going on?

Every so often I sort of forget that I actually know a bunch of active people online. I'm thinking this is a side effect of working at home by myself. But then! Then one day I go check my stats and discover a huge bump, courtesy of bewildery. Uh. Hi, mefites!

Ok, since this is about cheap, healthy, awesome food, let me perhaps dig up a couple of my favorite things.

- Pasta lenticchie, aka pasta with lentils. Essentially, thick lentil soup with tiny tubetti. It's like pasta fagioli with no bean soaking required.
- Speaking of beans, you should definitely make your own refritos. These are classic pintos, but I also make refried black beans all the time.
- You cannot beat the classic egg on toast, particularly with a handful of green beans.
- I like to put greens in everything. For instance: kale quesadillas.
- Cabbage braised in red wine. You can't get much cheaper and healthier than cabbage, and the wine can totally be two buck chuck. Or I guess it's three buck chuck now? It's been a while.
- Savory chickpea pancakes. I've never actually seen anybody else make these, but they are awesome. With fresh summer veg and basil, they are excellent by themselves. With winter cabbage/carrot/green onion, they are ripe for hoisin sauce.
- Biscuits and carrot dill soup: these are great and would be perfect at this time of year.
- Roasted cauliflower made the blog rounds a bit ago, but it remains delicious.
- You know what else is awesome? A liverwurst sandwich.
- How about a massive salad conglomeration? This one is part nicoise, part potato salad, and all really good.
- Oatcakes. These biscuits have next to no ingredients and yet are delicious. Also included: discussion of freezing soaked and boiled beans. An excellent technique that I do all the time.
- Lentil kibbeh may look a lot like the oatcakes, but they are very different, as well as very tasty.
- Speaking of oats, you should definitely make oatmeal. I don't do any of the fancy oat treatments that have been going around, and yet my oatmeal is still awesome.
- You can make yogurt into cheese, and it doesn't even take any cooking. You can also make the world's greatest scrambled eggs, if you so list.
- Straight up chili is one of the best soups to make in a huge batch. Then you can freeze the leftovers and have homemade chili whenever. Yeah!

Right, I need to stop before I end up just pointing at my entire backlog. However, the point remains. Yay good food!

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