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19 September 2007

eating more breakfastses

Make an omelet!

Get an egg, butter, salt, pepper, and some delicious things to put in the omelet.

Unless your things to put in said omelet are best nearly raw, or are only cheese, cook them first. My delicious things (besides cheese) were onions, mushrooms, and orange pepper. So I stuck some butter into the littlest nonstick frying pan (bigger for a multi-egg omelet) and sautéed some chopped onion in it. When it was soft, I added mushrooms; when they were soft, I added chopped pepper. When They were soft, I salted and peppered a little, then scraped everything out of the pan to wait. I also chopped up some mozzarella and parsley.

To make egg part of omelet: beat the egg with a fork, melt some new butter in the pan, and pour the egg in. Start jerking the pan back and forth right away. Run a spatula around the edge of the egg as it hardens, so as to loosen things up. Ultimately you want to shake the entire quickly-setting omelet loose, so work the spatula gradually farther and farther under the egg, so as to avoid tearing it. When the egg is set, or even a little before if you like loose eggs, the omelet is done.

Quickly dump your fillings onto the omelet. Don't use too much or the inside won't be warm enough. Fold it over, maybe leave it in the pan for a minute so cheese melts, and tip it into a plate. Eat it as instantly as possible.

Things to have with omelet:
- green frisée salad
- dark greens salad
- toast; some more toast
- lots of hot tea
- cold white wine (omelet a la Neil Gaiman/Eliz David)
- actual orange juice from an orange
- savory baked bread things such as scones

Have these things ready beforehand, though, because you seriously need to eat this as soon as it comes out of the pan. I always leave it a little too long, so the egg starts to get tough. I kind of prefer this to the runny alternative, though.

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