Tang tanga tang tang ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

26 September 2007

Tang tanga tang tang

In college, we used to have a sunday night dinner party series. My group of friends included quite a few second-generation immigrants who were all really knowledgeable about heritagenous foods. So one week we had a full Polish festival with homemade pierogies and nalesniki, one week we had a vast pot of Hungarian goulash, one week we had pans of soda bread and pots of Irish stew, and every week we had gigantic bottles of cheap college Gallo Bros wine.

My favorite was the Polish dinner, which is fortunate considering the huge dishes of multiple kielbasas and pickled herring in sour cream at John's family holidays. The best part was the pierogies. I of course have big problems making decent pierogies. Maybe I should email Ursula and get her to tell me her secrets. I can recreate the salatka, though: a salad consisting of cottage cheese mixed with sour cream and chopped radish, served on hot rye toast. Oh my god, you should go try it right now.

So this morning I had a serious craving for this stuff, but had almost zero of the requirements. I did have some drained plain yogurt, though: almost sour cream and almost cheese at the same time. I had bread, even if it wasn't rye. I had radishes. I had the green onions that Michelle always put on her salatka: inauthentic, but clearly delicious. I also had about five minutes.

Not salatka breakfast:

decent bread
yogurt cheese
green onion

Take a slice or two of decent bread and spread it with yogurt cheese. Slice up a couple radishes and a green onion and scatter them over the top. Add some pepper and eat. Drink tea. Yay breakfast!

Now go to work.

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