starveling dinner ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

06 September 2007

starveling dinner

It's pretty bad if you're headed home after work so tired as to be thinking "wow, I really shouldn't be on the road", especially if you're riding your BIKE home. In this case, instant sustenance is necessary. Go to the store.

One of my people at work has had this package of rye crispbread sitting on the kitchen counter, looking exponentially better than any of the junk I can get at the drugstore up the street. I decided to have crispbread for dinner.

What can go on crispbread? Ans: anything at all.

I had it for dinner with sliced cucumber, orange pepper, parsley, and tomato. I had it again for breakfast, this time with orange pepper and mushroom.

In both cases I based the collection on cream cheese. This was an excellent plan, and made better by the particular type of cream cheese: cultured. Yay acidophilus; yay bifida! It gave the whole business a yogurty tang that worked exceptionally well. In the future I might make a batch of yogurt cheese for this exact application.

Other things that could happen with cream cheese/soy cream:
- lots of chopped herbs
- smoked salmon and dill
- cold roasted or marinated vegetables
- chopped olives

Black pepper is also a good idea.

This was a perfect dinner, largely because I had no energy to do anything at all once I got home. It was far better to sit back, watch half a trashy movie, and continually spread bits and pieces onto more and more slices of crispbread. I had a glass of iced tea and felt much better nearly instantaneously.


Bee said...

What can go on crisp bread? SARDINES. Sardines! I say. And thin sliced cucumber. With sweet thick dark beer.

Eileen said...

you know, i have never had sardines. This might be interesting. I certianly agree on the cucumber front, though. also on the beer front.