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14 September 2007

Happy time stirfry factory

The other day I was feeling terrible, so John made me dinner. I am well satisfied with my lot in life.

half block nigari tofu
garlic and onion
sesame oil (or olive, it's fine)
sesame seeds
ginger, salt, whatever other spice you like

First, put on a pot of rice.

Put a handful of sesame seeds in a little frying pan and toast. This should only take a few minutes. When they've barely started to brown, get them out of the pan to cool.

Sear the tofu. Cut it into strips and brown it in a non-stick pan. This should take somewhere around five minutes per side. John made little thin rectangles, so he only had to brown two sides.

While your tofu is browning, chop up some garlic and onion. Also wash, destem, and chop up some spinach. Use lots of spinach; it is delicious. I think we used about 2/3 of a bunch just for me.

When tofu is done, take it out of the pan and instead add some sesame oil and minced fresh ginger. Powdered ginger will work too; it doesn't matter that much. Throw in the onion and garlic and let them soften. You can do this either really slowly, to get things sweet and caramelized, or quickly, to get things bright and sharp. Whichever way you like is fine.

When onion and garlic are nearly done, add tofu and let it warm back up. Then add your spinach. Stir a few times quickly. When the spinach has wilted, take the pan off the heat. Add a handful of sesame seeds and a little salt, stir it up, and serve it with rice.

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