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12 September 2007

tired stirfry

I am about at that point where I want to make a big batch of refried beans and a pot of rice and just eat tacos and quesadillas for a week. Maybe I'll buy what's left of the decent tomatoes and a handful of jalapeƱos and make some jars of salsa to go with them. That sounds like a good plan.

In the meantime, I had this for dinner:

Eggplant and tofu stirfry

nigari tofu
green beans
dry vermouth for deglaze
pot of rice

soy sauce, olive oil, vinegar, mirin, ginger

Cube your eggplant and tofu and marinate it for at least a half hour. I don't even come close to measuring amounts for my marinade; I just pour in roughly equal amounts of soy and olive oil, with a little less vinegar and mirin, and add copious powdered ginger. Fresh ginger would work even better, but in this case I was lazy. Mix it all up and soak things in it, stirring and turning occasionally so as to marinade all sides.

When you're ready to fry, put on a pot of rice or other grain of choice. Heat up a big sauté pan, maybe add a little swirl of oil, and toss in your eggplant-tofu mixture. Arrange it all into one layer and let it brown for a few minutes. Stir and repeat to get all sides browned and tasty, adding marinade if necessary to keep things from sticking. Well, it's sticky marinade, so maybe we should say something more like, "to make things more delicious".

When the tofu and eggplant are just about done, chop up some garlic and green beans, and add them to the mix. If you have any marinade left over, add that too. Stir it up and cook until garlic and beans are done.

Throw stirfry over rice and deglaze the pan with dry vermouth. You could also use broth or water. Throw the results over your plate of stirfry.

Eat with cup of tea.

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